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If you are looking to make a big shift in your life and perspective, this is the deep work that can get you there.

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Never expires

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You feel an emptiness or sadness inside, and you try to distract yourself from it by overdoing, overworking, overcommitting, overgiving, social media doom scrolling, Netflix binging or substance use. Anything to avoid getting sucked under.

You know what you should be doing (eating healthy, exercising more, practicing mindfulness, not dating narcissists…) but you keep going back to the unhealthy pattern.

You doubt your life choices, career, relationships, and yourself. Making any kind of decision without second-guessing is hard.

You feel little or no forward momentum in your life, or you feel constantly drawn back into ruminating on past events.

You still feel stuck after trying to change behavior and thought patterns through other means.

This is for you if:

You have trouble putting words to your emotions or difficult past events (I can give voice to things you may not be able to - that’s the beauty of intuition).

You’re open to using an energy healing approach to heal core wounds and stories so you can move forward.

You’ve tried parts work, reparenting, or working with your inner child, and had powerful moments, but you couldn’t get past certain blocks or barriers (or it was so hard you gave up).

You’ve tried hypnotherapy, but you couldn’t relax or see anything, or go as deep as you’d like. 

You’ve tried traditional therapy, but talking didn’t fix the issue.

This is also for you if...

-  Danielle R.

Before meeting with Irina I would spend so much of my day stressing about things I wished I'd done differently and feeling anxious about things beyond my control. It was exhausting.

In our first session Irina immediately made me feel at ease and comfortable. She was easy to connect with and our time together flew by.

Since our session I've noticed I spend much less time and energy ruminating, and my anxiety has been greatly reduced. It's been a very welcome change! I've freed up so much mental energy for better things.

I would recommend her in a heartbeat. 

Irina immediately made me feel at ease and comfortable

Kind Words

Insights and realizations might happen during a session or afterwards (sometimes both). 

We create a safe and nourishing environment for the deep therapeutic work.

I intuitively connect to your energetic imprint, and then work alongside with my and yours Spirit Guides.

I deliver “the inner landscape” of your current reality. It includes understanding of blockages that keep you stuck and releasing them out of the body.

The best way to describe the process - intuitive reading with a therapeutic twist. 

Each session is at least 1.5 hours long. We go deep and it takes time to get there.

What to expect during a session

We work towards creating new possibilities and discovering new paths to get there.

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