And these critical moments take our original energetic state and put layers of programming on top of it that create behavior and thought patterns that are very hard to shake.

When traumas happen, when grief strikes, when abuse, gaslighting, and other people’s stories are inflicted on us, we get hurt.

We try to protect ourselves by buying into those beliefs so we gain acceptance and love, sublimating the parts of ourselves others deemed to be not okay.

Those parts we hide leave holes in us — lingering feelings of emptiness, doubt, sadness and anxiety — that we may try to fill with work, food, partners or substances.

This happens so early we may not even be conscious of it.

But we lose that very quickly when we don’t get what we need from our caregivers, and when we are told stories of our unworthiness, unlovability, or ‘this is reality, you can’t expect any better.’

That is our natural, original energetic state.

We are born with joy, hope, excitement and enthusiasm baked into our beings.

It’s not enough to be able to identify and describe events in our inner worlds, because that only uses the conscious, analytical, rational mind.

But the emotions, fears and traumas keeping us stuck are anything but rational. 

Working with the subconscious directly helps to avoid defenses we create in order to protect ourselves from pain.

It helps us reconnect with the lost and suffering parts of ourselves, inviting them back into the wholeness.

By connecting intuitively (and very gently)
with your energetic imprint
I can reach into the dark corners where
traumatic experiences are hidden,
and create shifts using the inner guidance.

-  Jennie Alexis

What she was able to tap into and share was incredibly helpful. She clearly and succinctly articulated information I needed to hear and helped clear blockages that I now recognize have been stagnating my ability to make both personal and business decisions.

Her ability to remain grounded yet deeply connected to my energetic imprint was refreshing.

I felt safe in her presence.

A session with Irina is truly a gift. 

Kind Words

Many clients feel a rush of energy after just one session — it takes a lot of energy to keep those stories and programming running!

When we release the negative programming, that energy comes flooding back, often with ‘aha’ moments and insights.

You’ll likely see new possibilities suddenly open up for your future, like you’ve taken blinders off that only let you look in one direction.

The sense of being guided and supported within yourself.

Receiving endless love and nourishment for your Authenticity to flourish.

The feeling of being connected. 

The feeling of being loved and accepted.

We release programming that keeps you stuck layer by layer, restoring…

It’s like doing a factory reset on a faulty piece of technology. 

In our sessions, we work to restore your original energy — the pure essence of you — that you were born with.

- Lauren D.

Her messages, guidance, and insights were spot on and reflected how clearly she was able to see my inner "stuff" and help me work through it right then and there.

We joked on the call about this concept of her upgrading my operating system, but it wasn't a joke, it was totally accurate! I feel like I released, healed, and moved through some long-term stuckness thanks to Irina. I look forward to seeing what else I can uncover and uplevel with her again in the future.

I loved how she was able to really access issues and stuck energy in my subconscious and work on healing it from right inside there.

My time with Irina was an incredible experience that was different (and better!) from other types of healing & growth I've tried in the past (like hypnotherapy, talk therapy, etc.). 

I released, healed, and moved through some long-term stuckness

Insights and realizations might happen during a session or afterwards (sometimes both). 

We create a safe and nourishing environment for the deep therapeutic work.

I intuitively connect to your energetic imprint, and then work alongside with my and yours Spirit Guides.

I deliver “the inner landscape” of your current reality. It includes understanding of blockages that keep you stuck and releasing them out of the body.

The best way to describe the process - intuitive reading with a therapeutic twist. 

Each session is at least 1.5 hours long. We go deep and it takes time to get there.

What to expect during a session

We work towards creating new possibilities and discovering new paths to get there.

Alchemical Hypnosis Practitioner
Somatic Healing Practitioner
Alchemical Past Life Regression Practitioner

David Quigley and Alchemy Institute of hypnosis in Santa Rosa,CA
135 hours
David Quigley, a student of Randal Churchill many years ago, founded his own hypnotherapy school, where he integrated spirituality and alchemy into one approach, setting up a scene for remarkable healing with the help of the Guides and amazing techniques what he invented during his more than 30 years of practice. David is among the first practitioners who invited a spiritual world into the therapy and was able to navigate the process energetically.

Master Hypnotist diploma (2019)
Advanced Hypnotherapy diploma (2020)

Randal Churchill and Hypnotherapy Training Institute in Corte Madera, CA
200 hours
Randal Churchill founded his hypnotherapy school more than 43 years ago and he approaches hypnotherapy as an art of communication and deep understanding of psyche. I’m very grateful to him personally, to Cheryl Canfield and all other teachers of the HTI because they really made me feel like a part of the family and created that special kind of trust, where my personal transformation had deepened naturally.

Master degree in Psychology
The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (RANEPA)
8450 hours

Advanced Diploma in Psychoanalysis and Psychological counseling
Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis + Hypnotherapy training
2800 hours

& Ceritifications

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