Intuitive Paths to Authenticity with Irina Kalinina

Intuitive reading to energetically reset patterns and stuck emotional states you can’t shift any other way

Ever wish you coulD rearrange your brain to be happier? healthier?

Most people feel more energy, excitement and hope after just one session than they have in years. Truly.

I’d like to invite you to try it for yourself. 

If this sounds too woo...

You need a different way to access these deep hurts and stories so you can finally reset your mind and restore your vibrant, energetic, authentic self.

It just means that the barriers your subconscious mind put in place to protect your wounded parts are stronger than most. 

It doesn’t mean you’re broken or that there is no hope. 

you've tried everything - therapy, shadow work, parts work, Reiki -
and you still haven’t been able to make the mindset and life changes you hope to

Does this sound like you?

and I take an intuitive, energetic approach to healing core wounds and releasing stories that keep you stuck. 

I'm Irina Kalinina,


Jill Prescott

The breadth of the reading was like nothing I’ve experienced before and I look forward to our next meeting in the esoteric realms. 

This is as natural to her as breathing.
During the session I felt deeply seen and understood,
like she was reading from the book of my soul. 

Having worked with several intuitives, psychics and channellers over the years and being someone that has developed my own access, I feel qualified to state that she is authentic and truly connected. What is so unique about Irina is her obvious ease with the process. 

What Irina offers is truly incredible in many ways

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